Improving the CHA/CHIP Process

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Thu, 05/26/2016 - 14:46 -- jennifer.valentine

We have used MAPP for the framework of our last two iterations of the CHA/CHIP process. We are interested in improving our process and are interested in learning if there are frameworks/tools that other health departments are using for their CHA/CHIP process other than MAPP.

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Hi Jennifer,

This is a great question. It's important to choose the best model/framework that fits your community's situation. Through NACCHO's resource center, here are some other models/frameworks that may help you.

  • Planned Approach to Community Health (PATCH)
  • Healthy Communities
  • Assessment Protocol for Excellence in Public Health
  • Protocol for Assessing Community Excellence in Environmental Health (PACE EH)

This webinar, particularly, may be helpful: Community Health Improvement Process Models/Frameworks: Finalizing Your Decisions and Considering Modifications (slides are attached and linked here) - This two hour webinar includes information on how to critically reflect on the fit of a chosen model/framework to a particular community''s situation, how to capitalize on strengths and address limitations of models/frameworks, and more.

Regardless of the model/framework you choose, this worksheet (Community Health Improvement Process Models and Frameworks-attached) can help ensure your community health improvement process considers certain aspects important for all models/frameworks.

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Gurleen Roberts, MPH
Director of Quality Management
Cobb & Douglas Public Health
Marietta, GA

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Thank you so much, Gurleen.  The infomation you provided is very helpful. 

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Jennifer Valentine, MSN, RN
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Hi Jennifer, 

ASTHO has two guidance documents that you may find helpful. First is our "State Health Assessment Guidance and Resources." Second is our "Developing a State Health Improvement Plan: Guidance and Resources." These documents are applicable to local health departments and describe the process for developing a SHA/SHIP. 

We also have additional resources and examples from state health agenices on our website:

If you have any questions or would like any additional information, please do not hesitate to reach out to me! I hope you find these resources valuable. 

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Leah Silva, JD
Director, State and Territorial Performance Improvement
Association of State and Territorial Health Officials (ASTHO)

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Hi Jennifer,

I searched "CHA" on the PHQIX site and came up with the following submissions that may be of interest.  They all address increasing community engagement in the community health improvement planning process, and may offer some good fodder for that part of your CHA/CHIP work:

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Hi Jennifer,

I wonder if the MAPP Network ( might be a place for you to get additional input on your question. Nevertheless, after reading your post I'm asking myself: "What would improvement look like for your team?" AND "What could be improved from the previous CHA/CHIP processes?"

You might consider using a QI tool (or two) to inform next steps for your process, after all, one of the commonly recognized principles for QI in public health is: To mobilize both data and team knowledge to to improve decision-making. By using a QI tool to assess "what worked" and "what could be done better", you can mobilize data and team knowledge to improve your CHA/CHIP process. 

One suggestion is to use Cause and Effect Analysis to identify areas for improvement (based on your last CHA/CHIP process). Here are a couple of links for more info about using this tool:

You could frame up the discussion w/ a Problem Statement such as: "We need a more efficient CHA/CHIP Process."

PHQIX User Community ---- What other QI tools would you recommend for Jennifer to help her team make an informed decision about improving the CHA/CHIP process?

Ty Kane


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Submitted by Channa Lindsay on

Good morning,
We also used the MAPP process, however, we slightly modified implementation to fit our community/ region needs.

Our website provides information about the process:

If you click on the link "What is a Health Assessment?" or "What is a Regional Health Improvement Plan?" and scroll to Supporting Documents at the bottom of the page, you can find our complete RHA, RHIP, and the document, "Community Conversation: Creating the RHA and the RHIP".

These should help explain how we were able to use the MAPP process in a way that fits our region.

Hope this helps!

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Channa Lindsay