Improving the Quality of a Community Coalition: Clarify, Engage, and Empower


Impact Statement: 
The local health department noted waning engagement of the coalition working to implement the collaborative 2011 community action plan. Through a PDSA approach they were able to re-energize the coalition by collectively reassessing the community action plan, improving its clarity, re-developing the measurable goals and objectives and increasing the certainty that together they could achieve the goals.

In May 2013, the McLean County Wellness Coalition (MCWC) and two other coalitions within Illinois partnered with the Illinois Public Health Institute (IPHI) on a 5-month quality improvement (QI) learning collaborative. This collaborative provided MCWC with time to engage in critical reflection on its functionality and efforts for improvement and growth. IPHI’s QI learning collaborative was an opportunity for MCWC to use QI tools and methods and to enhance effectiveness. The overall aim was to improve the clarity of the community action plan (CAP) and the certainty of meeting goals by assessing and redeveloping the CAP with measurable goals and objectives. If measurable goals were in place, progress was documented and communicated regularly, and structure was clarified, then coalition members would understand MCWC's potential impact and their own role in the coalition, and they would be empowered to play a more active role in realizing those goals.

Organization that conducted the QI initiative: 

Lanier, J. Public Health Quality Improvement Exchange. Improving the Quality of a Community Coalition: Clarify, Engage, and Empower. Thu, 04/24/2014 - 09:21. Available at Accessed July 25, 2024.

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Interesting to see how QI can be used also to re-energize in addition to creating improvements!

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Margy Robinson MPH
HIV Care Services Mgr.
Multnomah County Health Dept.
Portland, OR

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This is a good example of using QI during a CHA-CHIP process. Have you conducted further assessments since last summer?

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Do you think you will use this QI project to inform the development of your next CHA-CHIP? Any lessons that would be useful at the beginning of a project?

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