Sustaining Momentum after a Kaizen Event

Sun, 08/21/2016 - 11:05 -- gkroberts

I've just facilitated my first Kaizen event focused on improving clinic patient flow. I'm happy to share any details for those interested (please email me). It was successful in planning 5-7 QI projects; however, I'm nervous that we will lose momentum. Does anyone that has lead or participated in a similar project have any advice on maintaining the momentum, enthusiasm for change, working through the QI projects, etc? Any advice is appreciated!

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Hi Gurleen!

You might already be doing this, so I apologize, but here are my suggestions: 

(1) Gantt chart - Very helpful in keeping the project moving forward. I also recommend all teams to project the chart on a screen for all to see at meetings.  It helps for the team to see the big picture and what each individual is expected to complete and when;

(2) Explicitly asking the team, 'So what are we going to do next, by whom, and when?'.  This helps keep the momentum going forward and creates milestones to measure.

(3) Schedule future meetings - This should be a part of the process instead of, "We'll just schedule a meeting sometime in the future."  You know how those turn out.

(4) Outlook (optional) - If you use Outlook or whatever you platform, as a reminder for yourself and/or staff of up-coming tasks this may help.  I don't recommend doing this for all tasks; just select items you feel need that extra attention to ensure staff complete a key task on-time. 

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Thanks for all of these tips, Dan! After I read your message, I implented a gantt chart. This along with weekly meetings (#3), which I ask the team to reflect on their current improvements being implemented and ask for ideas for additional improvements (#2), has really helped me keep the momentum going in an organized way. So thank you, thank you! I know this will help others that are embarking on similar project paths. I can see how these tips could really be adapted to any QI improvement!

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