Policy and Procedure Examples for Sewage Programs

Mon, 09/19/2016 - 21:07 -- bpalinski2

Hi Everyone!

Early this year we passed a policy on policies to guide the revision or creation of policies and procedures across our organization. Recently our Environmental Director asked me to reach out to see if other health departments had and policies or procedures regarding sewage programs. 

So I'll open the floor to anyone who might have such examples I can pass along.

If anyone else has requests for examples of policies or procedures feel free to ask here as well, I don't mind sharing the topic : ).

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Brandon, I am going to email to you a link to our EH policies.  Hope this helps!

Marianne Shawley

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Marianne K. Shawley
QI/Accreditation Coordinator
Henry County Health Department

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I have attached 3 of our Standard Operating Procedures in our wastewater program at Jefferson County Public Health in Colorado.  Hope they can be useful.

Carla Opp

Jefferson County Public Health

645 Parfet St.

Lakewood, CO  80415





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Carla Opp