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Mon, 10/17/2016 - 16:35 -- gkroberts

Does anyone have an official definition for a "culture of quality"?

A colleague (Dan Ward) asked me this question, and I thought I would forward it to the PHQIX community. Dan said he searched documents like the NACCHO Roadmap to a Culture of Quality Improvement, Turning Point Silos to Systems, etc., and has not found an official quote.

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Submitted by bpalinski2 on

Hi Gurleen,

This is what we have in our QI plan at the moment (looks like it is from the NACCHO Roadmap).

"QI is fully embedded into the way the agency does business, across all levels,departments, and programs. Leadership and staff are fully committed to quality, and results of QI efforts are communicated internally and externally. Even if leadership changes, the basics of QI are so ingrained in staff that they seek out the root cause of problems. They do not assume that an intervention will be effective, but rather they establish and quantify progress toward measurable objectives. (Roadmap to a Culture of Quality Improvement, NACCHO, 2012)."

Probably what your colleague has already found but I thought I would share just in case.

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Brandon Palinski, MPH-VPH, SIT
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Submitted by gkroberts on

Thanks for sharing that article, Grace. It has a really nice description of a culture of quality, and this could be used as a definition:

"It is a culture that naturally emphasizes continuous improvement of processes and one that results in a healthy workplace, satisfied customers, and a growing, profitable company."

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