Connecting QA and QI Teams

Sat, 06/20/2015 - 10:56 -- gkroberts

Greetings fellow QA/QI coordinators,

Can anyone offer advice on how to effectively connect clinical QA teams/individuals and the QI Council? We currently have a separate team for both. Based on QA result trends, we forward ideas to the QI Council but that is the extent of the interaction between the 2 teams. In efforts to continue building our culture of quality, I thought it would help to revamp this connection. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks!  

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This is a tough one....we struggled with that too and had a different team (QA from the past) and QI moving forward.  There was some overlap, but some distinct differences as well.  I would say just gradual transition and maybe have them brainstorm on a team project that would get them working together?  

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Hi Janie, do you still have a different team for QA or did you completely transition them into QI? That is a great idea to do a joint project, and we actually did do an extensive QI project on the QA process, which converted the paper-based system to an electronic one and added formal corrective action plans/root cause analysis. However, this didn't really help change the relationship between the two teams. Maybe we just need more time for a natural transition. Although I'm not sure that we will ever be able to successfully combine them due to the time committment both teams require, and QA being an essential stepping stone for QI.

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