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Wed, 07/19/2017 - 09:46 -- bpalinski2

Good Morning Everyone!!

I have two questions:

1. Does anyone give their QI Project members a certificate to celebrate QI success/participation? Would you be willing to share?

2. How do you celebrate your QI successes? If you have any associated templates/documents I'd love to see what others do.



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I also asked these questions through the phPIN listserv, so if you have seen it in both places, sorry for the duplication.

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Brandon Palinski, MPH-VPH, SIT
Quality Assurance & Accreditation Coordinator
Toledo-Lucas County Health Department

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Great idea to use both sources, and hopefully you will get some good ideas from both! Check out this community forum thread, as it includes some ideas for staff recognition: https://www.phqix.org/content/ways-make-qi-fun
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Hi Brandon, I also responded on the phPIN thread with this same response, but included it here just in case it might help someone else...

1) We include the names of everyone on the QI team on the final storyboard as a recognition of participation. Storyboards are then shared in the agency bi-monthly newsletter, and some are submitted as abstracts for conference presentations. These could be given as a certificate, as well.

2) Every year, we give out a "Golden Q Team Award" for the most successful QI project team (guidelines are attached). Everyone on that team gets a certificate (attached), the entire team gets a $100 visa gift card to share for lunch, 1 team trophy, and this is announced at the annual all-staff meeting with the Employee of the Year Award.

3) We do give individual certificates for those that have taken our QI training (attached).

4) We try to give out fun sticky notes for participation in a QI tool to support QI efforts after I'm gone, which people seem to really like and use.

5) Lastly, I have taken a group picture of the QI project team and created a informal frame/card as a personal thank you note for the team's effort. You can also include this picture on the storyboard and frame that.  

Thanks for asking this question! Good luck!

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Gurleen Roberts, MPH
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Cobb & Douglas Public Health
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