Water Quality and Customer Satisfaction


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Franklin County Public Health: This QI project sought to improve client satisfaction with Environmental Health programs, focusing for this project on the water quality partnership program. Understanding client satisfaction in programs that are fee-based, such as environmental health, can improve satisfaction and potentially increase revenues in these important programs.
Customer satisfaction is an important component in any agency, especially in a service agency. At Franklin County Public Health (FCPH), a recent strategic planning process motivated staff to focus more on customer service and satisfaction. However, few standardized customer satisfaction processes exist. In the Environmental Health Division’s Water Quality Partnership (WQP) Program, which offers income-eligible clients interest-free loans for public sewer and water lines because of failed household sewage treatment systems, staff will formally document the customer survey process and determine one or more appropriate methods to increase customer satisfaction. The most active part of the WQP Program season is February through September, so data collection and evaluation will occur throughout the summer. By October 31, 2012, staff will evaluate the customer survey process using quality improvement (QI) methodology and aim to increase the average score for overall customer satisfaction with the WQP Program from 1.75 to between 1.0 and 1.25 (on a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 as the best). Data collected from past satisfaction surveys will be used to establish a baseline and new data collected from about 200 future surveys will assist in demonstrating positive progress. Project success will assist the department in documenting Public Health Accreditation Board standards 8.2 (measure 8.2.1), 9.1 (measure 9.1.4), and 9.2 (measure 9.2.2) and will provide a learning opportunity for staff. More importantly, the project will assist staff in providing appropriate and satisfying customer service.
Organization that conducted the QI initiative: 
Franklin County Public Health (FCPH)

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