Results Based Accountability (RBA)

Wed, 10/31/2018 - 14:13 -- karnold
Is anyone out there using RBA and if so, have you incorporated it into you written PMQI plan? I love RBA and would like to include more of that language and process in our plan, but getting all tripped up as I try to revise our existing plan which is heavy on the Turning Point Model and PDCA. I love RBA's emphasis of Population Accountability vs. Performance Accountability and really focusing our measures on our part in impacting population indicators (not as focused on the obesity rates but rather things we have more control over, i.e. the number of people signing up for our chronic disease self management courses, the % who complete the course, the % who lose weight, etc...). Anyway... trying to transform our written PMQI plan to make it simple and meaningful!
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