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Wed, 12/30/2015 - 16:16 -- johnshutze

Which software programs are you using to create things such as control charts, run charts, fishbones, etc.?

We were using QI Macros for Excel that will auto-populate various charts. We just upgraded to Microsoft Office 2016 and QI Macros is currently not compatible with Office 2016.



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Submitted by Grace Gorenflo on

Hi John,

I'm not computer savvy enough to know whether this will work, but I just googled "control chart template" and found several different sites that offer free downloads of Excel templates.  I can't really speak to any of them, other than to say that ASQ is a reputable organization and I was able to open and manipulate their template.  Might these help, or does the macro problem persist?


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Submitted by bryn.manzella@j... on

Although I am using QI Macros now, in the past while working in quality in the tertiary care system, I used SQCPack.  SQCPack was developed as engineering software and is relatively expensive, but was easy to use and offered a lot of control chart options.

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Thanks for the input. I've tested the ASQ templates, which work okay. The company that produces SQCPack(PQ Systems), is sending me a dvd for a free trial run. Again, thanks for your help!

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Submitted by gkroberts on

Hi John, I have used Microsoft Vizio to create charts easily and successfully, but my favorite would be using Piktochart (piktochart.com). This requires a membership of $40/year but it is well worth it. It provides unique and visually appealing charts/graphics/handouts that can be downloaded as PDFs or JPEGs, and is easy-to-use once you get used to it. I use this hand-in-hand with Prezi for presentations to make QI even more fun.

I have not tried the QI macros for Excel but I can see that it would be better for more complex and multiple charts. I'll try this next time. Thanks!

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