QI Leaders Academy Kaizen Program: The Frankfort 500


Impact Statement: 
Franklin County Health Department (FCHD), a small local health department (LHD) in Kentucky, needed to improve the completion and timeliness of restaurant inspections to meet regulatory requirements. By using the Kaizen process and involving leaders from the LHD, the QI project team identified root causes and exceeded targets for improvement. Within 3 months of the week-long Kaizen event, FCHD environmental staff completed the last inspection that did not comply with the requirement of having an inspection every 6 months. As of February 15, 2016, the environmental staff members were on track for all food establishments to have two regular inspections in the fiscal year. Check out the great tools used and the PrISM summary of the project (included as an attachment to this QI initiative description).

Ensuring that the community has safe, inspected food establishments is one of the most important public health activities that FCHD public health practitioners perform. Protecting the public’s health from foodborne illnesses and food handling violations is FCHD’s responsibility to Franklin County. FCHD staff live by the 10 Essential Public Health Services, and by having past-due inspections, they were failing to meet 2 of them. Before the Kaizen event, 134 food establishments had not recieved regular inspections.

The team used the Kaizen event approach to complete all steps of the improvement cycle in 5 days. The steps were as follows:

1. Understand the gap/goal and the current state in order to identify waste in the targeted work process.
2. Analyze the root causes of the prioritized issues to identify solutions.
3. Develop and test solutions to learn.
4. Continue to develop and test solutions to learn.
5. Install improvements and create a system for ongoing improvement.

As the event progressed, many QI and change management methods and techniques were applied.

FCHD planned to have all regular inspections of cost center 605 and 607 food establishments caught up by January 1, 2016. Starting on September 7, 2015, FCHD was behind on 34% of regular inspections. The team expected that by the end of 2015, inspections would be caught up, and current inspections would also be caught up.

Organization that conducted the QI initiative: 

Parker, B. Public Health Quality Improvement Exchange. QI Leaders Academy Kaizen Program: The Frankfort 500. Thu, 11/16/2017 - 14:39. Available at https://www.phqix.org/content/qi-leaders-academy-kaizen-program-frankfort-500. Accessed May 23, 2024.

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