Population Based QI project

Wed, 07/26/2017 - 12:52 -- brandi.knight

I may be overthinking this concept. Can someone please provide an example or examples of a population-based QI project.

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A number of examples of population-based QI projects can be found right here on PHQIX. For example, there are more than 30 projects classified in the category of "Population-based Primary Prevention". 


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Hi Brandi,

A population-based QI project can be anything that your community health programs (listed below) do to improve their services to the community. Think of these as the non-clinical programs.

  • Chronic Disease
  • Tobacco
  • Nutrition
  • Asthma
  • Physical Activity
  • School Health
  • Babies Can't Wait
  • Children 1st
  • Childrens Medical Services
  • Epidemiology (STI counseling)
  • Injury Prevention
  • Substance Abuse
  • etc.
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Gurleen Roberts, MPH
Director of Quality Management
Cobb & Douglas Public Health
Marietta, GA

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Hi Brandi, Another way to think of population-based QI project can be found with population driver diagrams. See this link to the Public Health Foundation's page about this tool: http://www.phf.org/resourcestools/Pages/Developing_a_Population_Health_Driver_Diagram.aspx The tool is designed to help communities develop a general AIM statement, or broad goal, and primary and secondary drivers of a specific population health challenge. The secondary drivers (i.e., the very specific problems that are causing a population health challenge), can then serve as the basis of specific AIM statement. PDSA cycles can then be conducted to achieve the specific AIM statement. PHF staff are quite knowledgeable and helpful and I'm sure they would be happy to further explain these diagrams and their use.
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