Pleasant Street School 5-2-1-0: Fruits and Vegetables for School Snack Time


Impact Statement: 
The county has a high percentage of overweight and obese children. Pleasant Street School staff implemented activities related to nutrition education in a school setting. Student knowledge about fruits and vegetables increased, and the school received additional funds to foster healthy eating.

Aim: Second grade students will bring fruits and/or vegetables for snack at least 60% of the time by June 2009.

This project applied a multicomponent approach to improving healthy eating behaviors within an elementary school, based on the 5-2-1-0 Initiative. The second grade teacher had noted that only about 25% of students brought fruits or vegetables for snacks. This initiative aimed to increase that percentage to at least 60%. Activities included providing healthy foods for taste-testing during snack time, a field trip to local grocery store, partnering second grade students with fifth grade students in a "Book Buddies" reading initiative that included healthy snacks, actively engaging the principal in the initiative through the Principal’s Tie Award for the class bringing the most healthy foods for snack, and developing an educational bulletin board highlighting their healthy eating activities for the rest of the school.
The numbers of second grade students bringing fruits and vegetables for snack increased to 77%, exceeding the goal. The nutrition-focused initiatives spread to other classrooms within the school to include K–5, and the systematic implementation of Healthy Eating Active Living (HEAL) activities expanded to include promoting physical activity among students. An unexpected outcome of this initiative was a schoolwide practice that promoted bringing healthier snacks to school. Building on the work of this initiative, a Fruit and Vegetable grant was obtained, which led to increased access and consumption of fruits and vegetables.
• Hold taste-testing at snack time.
• Visit grocery store.
• Have “Book Buddies” with fifth grade.
• Design bulletin board.
• Integrate project into Pleasant Street School (PSS) Wellness Committee.
• Integrate fruit and vegetable education/consumption across the curriculum.

Organization that conducted the QI initiative: 
Lakes Region Partnership for Public Health

Laverack, S. Public Health Quality Improvement Exchange. Pleasant Street School 5-2-1-0: Fruits and Vegetables for School Snack Time. Fri, 03/29/2013 - 19:28. Available at Accessed July 25, 2024.

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