Performance Management Series virtual training

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Tue, 09/24/2013 - 14:06 -- drew hanchett

The NYS DOH Office of Public Health Practice is pleased to announce the release of the Performance Management Series trainings. As part of the National Public Health Improvement Initiative funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the New York State Department of Health Office of Public Health Practice, Performance Management Group has collaborated with the Empire State Public Health Training Center (ESPHTC) to develop the Performance Management Series.

The Series includes some longer (~20 minute) tutorials designed to provide a comprehensive look at performance management and quality improvement frameworks, as well as shorter quick-learns (

The tutorials and quick-learns are free, self-paced and open to the public. Check back regularly as the content of this Performance Management Series is ever expanding.

Follow this link to more details on the series and acces to the turorials:

If you have any questions pertaining to this series please feel free to contact Meaghan Tartaglia ( or Drew Hanchett (

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Submitted by lavernesnow on

I am very excited to watch your programs. We are developing some training videos as well. They should be posted to YouTube by the end of the week. Thanks for all of the great work you and Meaghan do and especially for sharing.

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Laverne Alves Snow, MPA, MS Informatics
National Association of Health Data Organizations
Director of Membership and Special Projects

Submitted by Jlloyd on

I just watched the first session of the Performance Management Series. I am going to recommend this to our management team so everyone is on the same page in their understanding. As mentioned in the video, if you google PM you can read for days. This streamlines the information. I look forward to watching the rest of the series.

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Submitted by jerober on

We have recommended our QI council members complete this series and we'll likely incorporate it into our performance management training as our agency develops a performance management system in the coming months. Thank you for a quick and easy primer!

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Jenny Robertson, MSPH
Salt Lake County Health Department

Submitted by bbickford on

thanks so much for sharing - a big question and need for training in Ohio!

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Beth Bickford
Executive Director
Association of Ohio Health Commissioners

Submitted by veenavis on

This training is very helpful given our department workforce development needs on QI and Performance Management and our limited resources to finance such training. This information is timely as we prepare for Accreditation. Thank you so much for taking the time to share this information.

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Submitted by cgizzi on

Thank you so much for sharing the link. It's nice to find free, self-paced narrated tutorials.

Cindan Gizzi, MPH
Office of Assessment, Planning, and Improvement
Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department
Tacoma, WA

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Submitted by mschigoda on

Thanks for sharing, Drew! This looks like a really helpful resource for the QI community.

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Melissa Schigoda, MS
Public Health Improvement Program Coordinator
National Network of Public Health Institutes (NNPHI)

Submitted by klouther on

Thanks for sharing; I am starting to review performance management with some of my coworkers and this is a great resource for them!

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