Improving Sexually Transmitted Disease and Viral Hepatitis Screening among Ryan White Clients


Impact Statement: 
The Wyoming Department of Health discovered a low rate of screening of Ryan White clients (RWCs) for STDs and hepatitis. Staff did a series of rapid PDSAs to improve the rate of screening and detection, and they are continuing to test further modifications to obtain even better results.

The Communicable Disease Unit (CDU) identified a gap in screening coverage that led to incomplete STD and viral hepatitis (VH) screening and testing data.

The CDU initiated a pilot from June to December 2016 to improve screening coverage and data collection. Public health nursing (PHN) case managers were trained to conduct client risk assessments, test for VH, and conduct multisite testing for STDs accordingly. During this pilot, STD and VH testing were offered, regardless of risk, to all RWCs aged 15–65. Participating clients were given gift cards. Results from this pilot were evaluated, and the testing protocol was modified accordingly.

A second pilot was conducted from May to December 2017. In this pilot, RWCs with STD and VH risk factors, per the screening, were tested and given an incentive.

Before the two pilots, Wyoming had limited data on STD and VH screening and testing in RWCs. After implementing the pilots, appropriate screening and testing based on client risk were assured. Data collection, access to testing, and opportunities for treatment were improved.

Organization that conducted the QI initiative: 
Wyoming Department of Health, Public Health Division

Turner, F. Public Health Quality Improvement Exchange. Improving Sexually Transmitted Disease and Viral Hepatitis Screening among Ryan White Clients. Tue, 06/26/2018 - 15:32. Available at Accessed April 20, 2024.

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