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Tue, 06/02/2015 - 13:01 -- AprilHarris

Three Rivers District Health Department serves four rural counties in Kentucky. We've had our Facebook and Twitter accounts for five or so years and we've recently completed a QI project to update our website. We'll be starting a QI project to identify what our "followers" want to see on social media, while also increasing our followers and likes. Any thoughts or suggestions from folks that have done something similar? You're welcome to email me at

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Hi April, check out this QI project on PHQIX completed by the Gwinnett, Newton, and Rockdale County Health Departments. This project focused on optimizing a new website and social media presence to increase awareness and knowledge about the health department and its services. Because it also involves social media engagement, it may provide some insight for your upcoming project. 

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Submitted by Amanda Kelly on

I am going to follow this thread, as this sounds like a great project for our department! 

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Go April!  :-)  You all have a great SM presence.  I'd say anything with Splash should be a hit.   

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C. Janie Cambron, RS, BS, MPH
Program Manager, EnviroHealthLink, Kentucky's Environmental PH Tracking Network
Kentucky Department for Public Health
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Hi April, would you be willing to share the progress and details of this project? We may be starting a similar project soon. Thanks!

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Gurleen Roberts, MPH
Director of Quality Management
Cobb & Douglas Public Health
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Social media is such an important tool for public health right now.  I do believe it is underutilized by many health departments.  I plan to follow this discussion.  Thank you for sharing.


Kari Schneider RN

Green Lake County Health Department

Green Lake, WI

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Hi April,

Our Community Health Resources department is currently doing a PDCA project involving FB Likes.  I will be interested to hear about "what followers want to see"!  One question that our team has pondered is how to make Public Health information social vs. broadcasting it?  Keep us posted!


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Brandi Wamhoff, MPH
Kane County Health Department
Data and Quality Coordinator