Employees sharing the public health message

Fri, 10/03/2014 - 20:01 -- Carlylb

We are wanting to improve the marketing of public health and the services we provide by improving our employees communication skills and motivation to talk about public health. Are there any resources available to train staff on telling our story? Any project ideas?

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Hello Carlylb,

We established what we call our "New Mexico Public Health Learning Collaborative", which is made up of our state health department, our state universities, hospitals, and community partners. What we did is we trained our department employees and community partners to teach public health courses. We have three courses that were developed as a whole but mostly by our university public health professors. Here is the website we developed: www.nmphlc.org. Currently, it is at a stand still because of funding but department employees and the professors still go around the state teaching these courses. If you would like to chat about it we would be more than willing to talk with you. Good luck!

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